Church Communication Conferences in 2020

Are you looking to attend a conference in 2020? Conferences have tons of benefits—from networking with other like-minded professionals, to learning new tricks of the trade, to equipping your entire team. Even if you weren’t planning to attend a conference this year, consider the benefits, and see if there are any conferences close to you.

Our complete list of 2020 conferences includes events that appeal to a wide array of church communicators, including worship leaders, designers, directors, leaders, and volunteers alike. Not all of the conferences are specific to the Church, but there are tons you can learn from the experts in these related fields. Events are listed by date, and we'll be updating the list to keep it current throughout the year—so check back often!

Do you know of a conference not included on our list? Let us know!


ENGAGE Conference | Online
February 4-12

C3 Conference | Dallas, TX
February 19-20


Exponential Conference | Orlando, FL
March 2-5

Digital Summit | Phoenix, AZ
March 24-25

Adobe Summit | Las Vegas, NV
March 29-April 2


Digital Summit | Los Angeles, CA
April 1-2

The Outcomes Conference | Dallas, TX
April 7-9

Revitalize Convention | Bradenton, FL
April 20-21

ARC Conference | Charleston, SC
April 21-22

Catalyst West | Irvine, CA
April 23-24, 2020

Church Leaders Conference | Dallas, TX
April 28-30

Orange Conference | Atlanta, GA
April 29-May 1

Thrive Leadership Conference | Granite Bay, CA
April 30-May 1


SC2020 Conference | Calgary, AB
May 1-2

LIFT | Atlanta, GA
May 1-2

Leadercast Live | Duluth, GA
May 7

Church Communications Summit | Online
May 12-13

FILO 2020 | South Barrington, IL
May 19-20

Ideas to Impact Conference | New Orleans, LA
May 27-28


ARC Conference | Edmonton, AB
June 2-3

Adobe 99U Conference | New York, NY
June 3-5

Canadian Church Leaders Conference | Barrie, ON
June 4-6

Worship Innovators Conference | Chicago, IL
June 8-9

VOUS Conference 2020 | Miami, FL
June 11-13

Bethany Conference | Baton Rouge, LA
June 23-25

Saddleback Church Communications Summit | San Juan Capistrano, CA
June 24-26


National Worship Leader Conference | Nashville, TN
July 21-23


Capture Summit | Dallas, TX
August 4-5

The Global Leadership Summit | South Barrington, IL (Global Simulcast)
August 6-7

Design Revival | Columbus, GA
August 28-29


Experience Conference | Orlando, FL
September 8-11

Circles Conference | Richardson, TX
September 10-11

WFX Conference and Expo | Orlando, FL
September 17-19

ARC Conference | Anaheim, CA
September 22-23

That Church Conference | Sugar Hill, GA
Sept. 22-23, 2020

STORY 2020 | Nashville, TN
September 24-25

Gateway Conference | Southlake, TX
September 28-29


Outreach Summit | Colorado Springs, CO
October 6-8

Catalyst Atlanta | Atlanta, GA
October 7-9

REFUEL | Lynchburg, VA
October 12-13

SALT 2020 | Nashville, TN
October 14-16

Sticky Teams | Vista, CA
October 20-21

Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference | Sydney, Australia
October 21-23


Premier Digital Conference | London, UK
November 2

RightNow Conference | Carrollton, TX
November 4-6

Christian Musicians Summit | Tacoma, WA
November 6-7


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