Church Communications and Marketing Grants

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Cheering you on.

Please note: The Church Juice team is currently rebuilding the grant program for Spring 2024.

Church Juice is here for your church, to cheer you on. One way we can be your cheerleader is by helping you make that big idea you've been dreaming of a reality. We come with more than just funding, we learn with you, so that we can work together. Let’s energize your church’s communications.

The application period has ended.

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The basics

We want to partner with you! We're providing limited grants (up to US$8,000 each) to churches and ministries across the United States and Canada who have a big idea—they just need a little help to make it happen. It's more than sending your ministry a check—we come alongside you to see your big idea come to fruition! Grant recipients will be part of a learning community with other grant recipients to talk through their ideas and collaborate. And each grant is provided to a ministry with the intention of helping thousands of other churches by creating a shared experience. Any church or ministry can apply for a grant in any one of five areas:


A Community grant is designed to support churches in an innovative approach to connecting with their community. This could be through ongoing communication, a community outreach program, or other initiatives.


Strategy grants are here to help you fully implement a creative way to strategize your church’s communications. This could be the need for an overhaul to your church’s communication plan or a new approach and process to an element of ministry.


Digital ministry is here to stay, and lots of churches need help catching up. A Digital grant allows your church to think outside the box about your approach to ministry on the digital frontier.

Church Planting

When you’re planting a church, a whole lot of communication needs to take place. If you’re part of a church plant, then pitch an idea. Dream big about how a communications and marketing grant can help in your church planting context.


Technology grants help your church assess what’s needed for the future of ministry. The grant recipients of this category will look at more than just hardware and software needs, but will answer the question: how can your church use technology in a fresh way to reach people?

The fine print

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must have valid 501(c)3 certification or a registered charity in Canada

  2. Must be a church or ministry in the United States, its territories, or Canada

  3. Only new projects will be considered

  4. The scope of the project must be able to be completed within six months

  5. An organization may apply as many times as desired, but only one grant may be awarded per organization

  6. The proposal’s activities must fit within Church Juice’s prescribed timeline

  7. An application does not guarantee grant approval

Before you apply

We're excited at the potential to support your church through this new initiative. Given that Church Juice is a fully donor-supported ministry, there are obligations for each grant recipient, including:

  • A commitment to financial transparency and reporting
  • The obligation of three detailed grant reports throughout the program
  • Meeting with other grant recipients at pre-determined times
  • Communication with Church Juice for consultation and/or site visits
  • The willingness to create content, be interviewed, or provide feedback as requested

Be prepared

Here's what you should know before you hit the apply button:

  • If you have prepared your answers (to the questions listed below) ahead of time, the entire application process should take approximately 15 minutes
  • You may exit and return to the form in the same browser within 15 days without losing your completed information

We encourage you to prepare thoughtful answers for these questions in your application:

  1. In 500 characters or less, pitch us your idea.

  2. What barrier, issue, or problem does this idea solve?

  3. What does a grant do to help your idea succeed?

  4. How will this further the gospel in your community?

  5. How can other ministries benefit from your execution of this idea?

  6. What defines success in this idea?

  7. How will you measure the impact from this idea?

  8. Provide an approximate timeline for this idea.

  9. What are the long-term implications of executing this idea?

  10. What is your financial need? (Maximum grant amount is USD8,000)

  11. Provide a breakdown of the total costs for this project.

In addition, you will be required to provide organizational information, including the average worship attendance for the last 12 months, the annual budget (as an attachment), and church information (including your church's tax exemption number).


Grant proposals were received in July and August 2022. The application period has ended. Check back for details about the next round in 2024!