3 Reasons You Should Join Our Book Club for Church Communicators

Church Juice is offering its first-ever Book Club for church communicators this spring.

We think joining Book Club is an excellent way for church leaders like you to think deeply and develop ourselves more fully. In Church Juice’s Book Club, readers will engage with new ideas, share perspectives in discussion-based settings, and interact with other church communication leaders. We’re launching Book Club because we realize that collectively reading and discussing a book with your peers can help you grow personally, build community, and develop professionally.

Personal growth

Joining Church Juice’s Book Club is an opportunity for personal development and growth through reading and discussion. Book Club offers a chance to step out of the routine and regular day-to-day tasks to engage intellectually and stimulate your thinking—in an environment of your peers separated from your church duties.

Community building

Book Club provides dedicated time to allow you and other church leaders to connect and build relationships in a space where you may not otherwise have the opportunity to make the same connections. Book Club is a safe space to discuss openly with other church communicators and leaders.

Professional development

Each of Church Juice’s upcoming Book Clubs is purposefully selected to provide professional development opportunities. Leading a church—in any capacity—can be challenging, and joining Book Club can offer the chance to learn from others, gain new insights, and improve your leadership and communication skills.

What we're reading

Our first Book Club is a six-week discussion through Jemar Tisby’s How to Fight Racism: Courageous Christianity and the Journey Toward Racial Justice. Tisby believes we need to move beyond mere discussions about racism and begin equipping people with the practical tools to fight against it. Confronting racism is a crucial element for church leaders to discuss on its own accord, but this topic also brings to the forefront a discussion about how we communicate—purposely and subconsciously.

Joining Book Club is free (we’ll even send you the book!), and weekly discussions will occur beginning April 17. Head to our Facebook group for more details and to request to join.

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