3 Statistics for Better Communication

A disclaimer

While we all agree that statistics are helpful, they can also support almost any argument depending on the numbers you use. This article aims not to convince you that one medium for communication is better than another. The goal of this article is to give you a cheat sheet that will answer the question running around in your head: “What is the best way to communicate this?”

Where people are

Like never before, people are online. While there is a place for physical communication like signage or strategic print pieces, people spend their time on their devices. People spend an average of 3 hours per day online worldwide. You know this, but people are online, so let’s not ignore it, but let’s capitalize on it and move them toward things more meaningful than memes, complaints, or a Wayfair ad.

Why you should use video

If you’re a volunteer or on staff at a church, you’ve likely interacted with videos more in the last six months than you ever have. Video is not just a better substitute for not being able to gather in person. Video is the most effective way to reach, educate, and move people online. In fact, 96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. While that is about for-profit marketing, it outlines a significant reality for us: people watch videos! So let’s use them. Note: there is a place for polished, concise video content, and there is a place for raw, from-your-phone videos as well.

Calling to action

We’ve all heard or read something that left us encouraged and even inspired but with no clear next step. In the marketing world, the term “call to action” (CTA) refers to an ask, invitation, or step presented to people after being exposed to a product or service. In church communication, we should include plenty of these kinds of calls as it gives people a tangible answer to when they ask, “Now what?” Ellie Merman, VP of Marketing at Toast, mentions that a single call-to-action in their emails increased clicks by 371%, while sales increased by 1617%.

Takeaways you can do today

  • If people are spending 3 hours online a day, don’t ignore it! Go where people are. Encourage them, inform them, and invite them to action.

  • Use video whenever possible. With a team, on a social network page, through emails, etc. Opt for video.

  • Call people to clear and compelling action. Don’t just inform people; move them by inviting them into what you are doing.

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