A Good Name

LIfeChurch.tv is in a current sermon series called “Better.” The premise it pretty straight-forward: When you’re faced with choices in the life, the Bible gives you answers of how to make better choices. This particular sermon was based on Proverbs 22:1 which says, “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.”

While the teaching focused on what it means for a person to have a reputable name, the whole time I couldn’t help but think about the value that comes in a church having a good name in its community. In a world where everything communicates something, where inaction speaks as loudly as action, what reputation does you church have when someone says its name?

Oftentimes, discussions about church names divert to issues with some of the words used within the name. The word “evangelical” now carries more of a negative connotation. Some say denominational labels hurt a church name. But really, most of the time, this is more of a semantics issue than one of reputation. If your church is having an impact on the people in your community, the specific words in a name aren’t going to matter as much as your reputation. In fact, you could work to redefine people’s perception of what “evangelical” or other words mean.

A reputation of doing good things in your community is better than one of being a closed country club. A name that triggers positive perceptions from someone driving by is better than one people don’t know. To be esteemed for being the authentic hands and feet of Jesus is better than anything else you can do.

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