A Modern Christmas Pageant

There is something great about videos where a simple story is told in a new, different and sincere way. Last year, St. Paul’s Church in Auckland, New Zealand, did this great modern take on kids doing a traditional Christmas pageant.

This year, they followed up that video with one done in a very similar manner.

There a few things we can learn from these videos that are worth thinking about before we jump into shooting our own video projects.

  • Find a new or interesting perspective. We all know the stories told in these videos and we may have even heard kids telling them. But these videos are great because they try to give a visual to what this might look like if kids were in charge of trying to show the stories. It’s like we’re traveling into their minds.
  • Don’t be afraid to be truly funny. There are quirky moments in these videos that just make you smile – angry kids slamming the door on Mary and Joseph and kids dressed up like furry sheep. It’s not forced. It’s not cheesy. It’s naturally funny.
  • You can tell a story without using text on the screen. It’s really popular right now to use a lot of typeface in videos—and that’s not necessarily as bad thing. (In fact, here’s a Christmas video we like that uses that technique.) But we always need to analyze the best method for storytelling instead of trying to force ourselves into a particular style.

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