Broadway Church is a Juicys Winner

(The Juicys are a way to recognize and reward those churches who’ve worked to improve their church communications during the last year. It includes giving them a grant to jump start their next project. This week we'll be announcing the 2014 winners.)

Casting vision for a church is important, but not easy. When done well, it creates clear direction, makes decisions easier and empowers people to become passionate about their church.

Fortunately for Broadway Church in Vancouver, BC, their pastor clearly knew who the church is and what they needed to do.

“Our lead pastor wrote the piece and shared it with us during a staff meeting,” says Brandon Deepwell, who’s the Creative Video Director for the church. “After reading it, the creative director and myself knew it was powerful.”

Yet the challenge became how to turn a vision that was shared with staff into a memorable and motivating acclamation for the entire church. That’s when church leaders came up with the idea for a vision video that puts the pastor’s words in the visual context of the city the church of 2,000 wants to serve.

When the video was first shown in a service, leaders could feel that it was an inspiring moment.

“I think the key thing that worked was how open and honest our pastor was with the piece,” recalls Deepwell. “He did not intend for this to become a film, it was simply him writing down his goals for the church. I think this really comes across in the film.”

It’s that passion that impressed one of our judges, who said, “The majority of Christian churches struggle with having a vision for their existence beyond a generic mission statement. Broadway Church has a clear vision for what they want to be. The vision and the video feel very personal and engaging.”

Up next, Broadway Church plans on using their Juicys grant to grow their Christmas outreach. For more than 45 years, the church’s Christmas concert has been a way new Christians say they’ve connected with Broadway. Below is a look at last year’s event, which was attended by more than 20,000 people.

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