Grow Your Church Communication Skills With These Helpful Project Management Fundamentals

Church communicators often have job descriptions with unique and varying required skills. In addition to expectations around digital technology proficiencies (being able to send an email), there’s often the role of database manager, graphic designer, social media specialist, and more. While a person can have a degree or certification in any one of these skills, we expect the church communicator to master them all. As you (the communicator) manage the vast array of expectations for this role, there’s one more skill I rarely see in position listings for a church communications role. That missing skill? Project management. Being a project manager is central to everything the communicator does and how the church communicates.

Regardless of your title or status, you’re a project manager if you’re handling communication-related needs. It’s your job to differentiate between the urgent and the important. And it’s your responsibility to ensure everyone’s projects are completed on time and with excellence.

Recently, Church Juice highlighted the unique project management needs in the church communications world. We discussed the need for a project management system in churches and highlighted some of the most common tools people in all types of organizations use for their management. But even though you recognize the importance of having a system doesn’t mean you have the knowledge or foundation to implement a system well. To help you build a solid project management foundation, we recently hosted a free webinar.

Managing church communication projects come with varying roles, responsibilities, and flexibility to help each area of ministry thrive to its fullest potential. In this webinar, we help you grow as a church communication professional by developing valuable project management skills you can implement immediately. With increasing project management skills, you’ll be able to take your communications to the next level. In this webinar, we’ll focus on the fundamentals—providing helpful ideas, tools, and resources to help your communication and organization.

This one-hour webinar discusses project management fundamentals for church communicators. You’ll learn things like:

  • What “project management” is, what a project manager does, and how you’re already a project manager

  • How a project manager adds value to the team and organization (your church)

  • The core project management skills

  • Navigating team and leadership dynamics

  • The project management life cycle

  • Project management methodologies

Watch the Webinar Replay

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