Improving Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is one of the best marketing tools you have as a church. The reason is simple: people trust their friends opinion more than any website or brochure. Here are four ways you can help foster more conversations about your church.

  • Impact your community. Make a difference in someone’s life. Do work that makes it impossible for people not to talk about it with their friends. Get out of the church and into the streets.
  • Delight your congregation. Be a church your members want to talk about. Find ways to provide value for your members. At times, exceed their expectations. Equip them with the tools to be better Christians in their real day-to-day lives. If you have that sort of impact, they will share your church with their friends.
  • Engage in meaningful communication. People will become more engaged if they understand why a church is doing what it’s doing. Cast vision. Share stories of life change. Let people know why they should be a part of your church movement.
  • Equip people. Give attenders the language they can use to talk about their church. Your communication should ooze with vision and mission. There are key phrases every congregant will come to know making it easier for them to talk to others about your church.

With all of this it’s important to remember that word of mouth works the opposite way, too. If you’re not engaging people or are not impacting your community, people will say less flattering things about you as well. What do you want your word of mouth reputation to be?

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