Low Hanging Fruit

Fall is a great time to harvest some low-hanging fruit and make easy improvements in your church’s communication. Here are five things that can be easily accomplished before the start of the holiday season (yes—it’s coming quickly!):

Website Audit

Take a look at your website and find small, simple changes that you can make right away. Then make a list of more sizeable changes (or a redesign) that can be changed at a later date. Once you finish going through your website and making your list, ask a friend to do the same—preferably someone who’s not connected to the church. They’ll look at the website with a different set of eyes and may be able to spot things that you didn’t even think about!

Volunteer Training

Spend time investing in your volunteers—after all, no matter where they are serving, volunteering should be seen as discipleship. So don’t waste that opportunity. Teach them how to be welcoming to potential guests, how to care for current members, and update them on policies, procedures, and guidelines. Help them take ownership over their small area of care.

Follow the Signs

Put yourself in the shoes of a first-time guest. Then start at the street, and follow the signs from the street through the parking lot, into the building, and finding a seat. What updates need to be made? How can you make it easier for first-time visitors to know where they need to go?

Update Your Social Media

Go visit your church’s Facebook Page and other social profile pages. Click through the different tabs and sections. Make sure all of the information is up-to-date, accurate, and complete. Check the images on the profile, and make sure they’re current. Last, confirm there have been posts in the recent days.

Think Ahead

Chances are, in the months ahead, your church has some big events happening. What can you do now to help prepare ahead of time for holiday happenings, outreach events, large church campaigns, or Easter? Make a list of things that can be taken care of in the coming weeks, as well as prepare for the follow-up. As you start promoting those larger events, make sure the details are easily accessible for guests and newcomers, and that you’re taking care of them throughout the process.

What are some other small tasks that you can tackle in the next several weeks?

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