Next Webinar | Church Websites: 7 Helpful Ways to Guide You to Greatness

Church Juice's next webinar is a few weeks away, and in this live event we'll help guide your church website to greatness with 7 incredibly helpful and easy-to-implement tips. Space is limited so reserve your seat now to attend the webinar on Thursday, March 16 at 2pm ET. We'll talk about fundamentals of good design, plus practical elements of church websites like optimization, SEO, and reaching the right audience. We'll discuss:

  • 2023's Best Church Websites (and what we like about them)
  • 1. Know Your Audience
  • 2. Be Responsive
  • 3. Your Friend: White Space
  • 4. Your Enemy: Slow Page Speeds
  • 5. Calls-to-Action
  • 6. Optimizing Your Site
  • 7. Other Basic Principles
  • Open Q&A

Not sure if you can make it? No problem—still register for the webinar. We'll record the event and send it to you shortly after the end of the webinar on March 16.

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