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Welcome to Q4. ☕️ If you're not sure how we got here... well, you're not alone. 2023 is flying by, and I still have no sense of time (a lingering effect of the pandemic, I suppose). As you head into the busy holiday season, remember to take break and breathe! Cheers!


Small Steps You Can Take to Build a Healthy Volunteer Culture

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Are you having a difficult time building your ideal volunteer team? Creating a healthy volunteer culture takes time, intentionality, and care. It’s okay to start small—it just might be the best way to get started.

If you’re stuck and unsure how to engage people in a way that builds a healthy dynamic for everyone involved, this webinar is for you! As a church leader, you know leading anything can be challenging, but you were never meant to do ministry alone.

In this webinar, Mary Ann Sibley, founder of MatterSpark, will guide you through three common barriers that often prevent people from volunteering andfive small steps you can take to overcome them.


3 Simple, High-Potential Things Most Churches Miss In Their Digital Strategy

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As a church leader, you probably struggle with social media, streaming services, and online ministry.

There are a million suggestions on what to do online, and at times it can feel overwhelming.

While the world seems to be focused on the move to online video content (especially short-form video content), there are three simple, often-missed ways to deeply increase digital engagement with your audience and the people you’re trying to reach.

What’s motivating about embracing these avenues is that you’re probably already good at them, you’ve already got the infrastructure set up, and you can implement them quickly and easily.


4 Ways to Move Your Church From Inward to Outward Focused

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The natural trajectory of the church is to drift inward, but its design and destiny is to move outward.

An inward focused church is not a bad church, it is merely a church that has become consumed with taking care of its own, solving the problems of the church, and investing its energy to keeping the programs good and going.

An outward focused church also cares for the congregation, works hard to keep ministries meaningful, but directs a substantial amount of thought, energy and resources to those who are outside the church.


Expressing Emotions

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To reflect God’s image is to experience emotion. God is described at various times in the bible as being moved with compassion (Hosea 11:8), grieved (Gen. 6:6-7), happy (1 Timothy 1:11), and angry (Job 42:7). Our emotions reflect the nature of the one who created us! However, what we do with our many emotions may or may not be honoring to God.


A family-friendly streaming guide for Hispanic Heritage Month

Photo: Vicky Leta / Mashable

From stunning animation to heartfelt family stories to the acknowledgment of complex histories and identities, the current digital media environment is rich with stories by and about Latinx culture. Don't worry if you're late to the streaming party; there's still plenty of time to join as the nation celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month.

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