Post What You Preach

Information Overload

Somewhere along the way, we’ve limited church communications to only include people knowing and signing up for things. We have caused our people to have an information overload. Our pages and platforms have become little more than electronic billboards. Have we lost people’s interest by treating communication this way? Are we using these mediums to their fullest potential? What if we could be inspirational and informational with our communication? Communication with your people is an incredible medium to help engage your people spiritually, not just to inform them.

Preaching Isn’t A One-Man Job

“Every time you communicate, you tell a story” (Tony Sorrentino, OX Creative). These words shifted how I think about communication in general and, specifically, church communications. Do we fully acknowledge that we are telling a story every time we put something in front of our people—about them, about us, or about Jesus? Here’s the truth: preaching isn’t just a one-man job that happens in a weekend service. We get a chance to tell the good news of Jesus every day of the week in creative ways. Whether it’s through video, graphic design, or intentionally-crafted emails, we are all telling stories every day.

4 Tips for Posting What You Preach

As communicators, we have the unique opportunity throughout the week to inspire people, remind them of truth, and reiterate what is experienced on Sunday. Below are some simple tips that will help you “post what you preach.” They’ll equip you to inform your people, but also help form them and use simple resources that are already available.

1. Collaborate

You might be thinking, “Do I need to create all of this inspirational content on my own?” The answer is, “No!” Your preacher or teacher has already put significant work, thought, and prayer into his or her weekend message. You can collaborate with him or her and decide what could and should be communicated to your people beyond Sunday.

Getting practical: Have your pastor share Sunday’s notes with you. Post or send main points or Scripture from the message with a link to the sermon video or audio. Send extra points, verses, or information your pastor couldn’t share in the message because of time.

2. Get the Bible in front of people

Who doesn’t love a good scroll-time on their smartphone? Use your social pages as a way to put Scripture in front of your people. Post a few verses relevant to the series or season your church is in.

Getting practical: Schedule to post or send a Scripture verse early in the morning for people to think about throughout the day. Have people post or comment their favorite Bible verse on a social platform.

3. Use free resources

If you work in church communications or creative ministries and haven’t browsed resources like Church Media Spot, you’re missing out!

Getting practical: Use free Scripture art, stock photos, and other media to make your posts grab your people’s attention and inspire them.

4. Have a conversation

Encourage people to comment, like, or share your content whenever possible. Let it be a conversation rather than a monologue. Encourage engagement that isn’t possible on a Sunday morning.

Getting practical: Tell people what you want them to do to increase engagement. If you want them to share something in the comments, direct them to do that. If you follow the first three steps, people will be much more likely to want to share your content.

Church communications is an amazing opportunity to form people spiritually, not just inform them. Let’s be resourceful and engaging with what we post, send, and create.

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