Resurrection Houston is a Juicys Winner

(The Juicys are a way to recognize and reward those churches who’ve worked to improve their church communications during the last year. It includes giving them a grant to jump start their next project. To see past winners, click here.)

If you look at the communications work Resurrection Houston is doing, you’d probably never guess it’s a church of 100 people.

The growing urban church plant was intentional about creating a look and feel that not only represented who they are, but also made them ready to relevantly connect with their community.

“The process was to start from the ground up and strategize around the ethos of the community Jesus was building,” explains Creative Director David Dawkins. “It started with a logo -- a logo that would represent the church and the gospel itself. We also planned a launch campaign that would be the official coming out of a church plant stage to a full-blown church. To determine the right strategy for communication we analyzed the church’s existing methods of communication and tried to maximize their touch points with people in and around our community.”

Resurrection Houston assessed the church’s skills and gathered designers, videographers, editors, creative writers and social media architects to build a communications strategy. From that came a series of print, video and other visual communication pieces that share a story through beauty and consistency. It’s the attention to detail that impressed one of our judges.

“The branding for Resurrection Houston is brilliantly executed,” our judge says. “The logo is meaningful, aesthetically pleasing, and impactful. The Resurrection Houston brand is carried out well throughout their different media efforts. This is a great example of a small church leveraging the assets that they have to create excellent communication pieces. This submission blew me away!”

Now Resurrection is ready to build on their communications success.

“The next big idea is to empower our missional communities to reclaim discipleship in the hands of ordinary people in the hands of an extraordinary God,” says Dawkins. “This will be done through a series of photo essays, mini docs, and audio recordings done in the heart-language of the people. These stories will be managed and collected and distributed through various means, but primarily a monthly publication called ‘Welcome to Resurrection Houston.’”

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