Sharing Christmas

Are you equipping your members to share Christmas with their friends?

We know Christmas is one of those times where people who don’t regularly go to church are more open to thinking about it. We also know one of the most successful ways to get someone to visit your church is through a personal invitation. So when you put the two together, as church leaders, it’s important to make sure we’re helping members know what Christmas services will be like and give them help in inviting friends. Here are a few ideas of how you can do that.

  • Give a glimpse. Don’t make your church’s Christmas festivities a complete surprise. Sure, you might want to keep some elements secret, but let your congregation know the general theme. Will it be a more traditional, homey experience? Or will it be a drama production? Maybe there are pieces of both. Whatever you’re doing, be clear and realistic with your congregation about the Christmas experience. Knowing the gist will make them more comfortable about sharing it with others.
  • Tell them how to talk about it. As a church, if we want our attenders to share our Christmas services, let’s help them out with some talking points. It can be intimidating for many to talk with friends or co-workers about church. Give folks some conversation starters. Equip them with language that fits the vision of what Christmas means and how it will be expressed in your services.
  • Equip them with tools. Churches use all sorts of items as invite tools. Whether it’s poinsettias, cookie cutters, CDs, invite cards, online videos or website resources, think of ways to help your members more easily start a conversation with someone about church. These tools don’t have to be fancy or physically tangible, but they should be something that helps remove the barrier of intimidation of talking about church. An invite tool should also be something that’s useful and stirs emotion with the recipient.

How does your church handle this? What do you do to equip your members to share Christmas?

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