Small Sips: Hello, Introverts!

☕️ Good morning. Whatever your weekend included, I hope it was enjoyable! Saturday’s excitement for my family did not include any solar eclipse viewing (it was cloudy and rainy), but the highlight was obviously a trip to Costco.

As you get your week organized, don’t forget: This Thursday, we’re holding a virtual discussion group—a space for church communicators to come and discuss what’s working (or not) for them. Check it out.

Netflix is Opening Stores Soon—But Don’t Expect a ‘Blockbuster’ Revival


Netflix isn't shipping DVDs anymore, but it's apparently planning on opening actual physical stores soon. However, don't get too excited about the possibility of returning to the Blockbuster golden era. The stores aren't going to be video stores. Instead, they're going to be massive merch pop-ups.

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5 Tools to Help You Manage Email Newsletter Overload


If anything, email newsletters are too convenient and appealing, which means they can quickly start piling up in your inbox. If you're not managing them properly, you end up missing out on all the worthwhile content that's been packed into them.

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Florida Faith Leader: Black History Toolkit Gains Interest Outside the State

Religion News Service

What the Rev. Rhonda Thomas started as a state-focused response has attracted interest in a far wider stretch of the country than she ever imagined.

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What Does Friendship Look Like in America?

Pew Research Center

Americans place a lot of importance on friendship. In fact, 61% of U.S. adults say having close friends is extremely or very important for people to live a fulfilling life, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. This is far higher than the shares who say the same about being married (23%), having children (26%) or having a lot of money (24%). Pew Research decided to ask a few more questions to better understand how Americans are experiencing friendship today.

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Networking For Introverts: A How-To Guide

The Economist

Corporate life throws up some stressful moments. Bringing bad news to your boss; facing an interview panel; making a big presentation. But few things are worse than networking if you are an introvert.

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