Small Sips | January 4, 2022

10 Micro Goals for Massive Results

From Jon Acuff

Are you working on a goal that has you feeling stuck? Or maybe it feels really overwhelming or like you’re just not making any progress? If you can relate, chances are, your goal is too big. That’s why this episode of Jon Acuff's "All it Takes is a Goal" podcast is all about the power of a micro-goal, AKA a small goal that generates big results. It’s sort of like having a Roth IRA. You invest small actions over time, and eventually, you’ve got massive dividends. Listen in to learn how to set a micro-goal that can slingshot you over the finish line of 2022.

About Three-in-Ten U.S. Adults Are Now Religiously Unaffiliated

From Pew Research Center

The secularizing shifts evident in American society so far in the 21st century show no signs of slowing. The latest Pew Research Center survey of the religious composition of the United States finds the religiously unaffiliated share of the public is 6 percentage points higher than it was five years ago and 10 points higher than a decade ago.

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What I'm Planning for 2022

From Church Answers

Let me (Darrel Girardier, article author) take you behind the scenes of our church’s communication strategy. I set aside a day every year in December to think through our church’s communication goals. I spend time thinking about what worked and didn’t work this year, and what the challenges will be for our church in the coming year.

Adele's Sneakily Spiritual Soul

From Think Christian, a sister program from ReFrame Ministries

At first listen, 30 feels divorced from any spirituality at all. Even though the subject matter isn’t explicitly spiritual, Adele’s newest album draws from a rich tradition of soul and gospel music, as well as from the wisdom literature of the Bible.

12 Disruptive Church Trends That Will Rule 2022 (And the Post-Pandemic Era)

From Carey Nieuwhof

A new reality will emerge in 2022, and it will be different than we think. The last few years have been (necessarily) characterized by a very narrow focus. Having been through two excruciating years as a church leader, what can you expect in 2022?

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