Small Sips | November 1

There are 54 days until Christmas. ☕️ That's right, Halloween is over, and that means it's full steam ahead toward Christmas. But that brings the question: What's the first Christmas album we should listen to this season? Add your opinion in our Facebook group.

Why You Still Need Zoom

Continuing our podcast series on community—building, we turn to everyone's favorite-to-hate tool: video conferencing. What place do Zoom and other video tools have on ministry moving forward, and how can you continue to use Zoom to build community?

Is it Time to Boycott Facebook?

From Relevant Magazine

If you don’t pay much attention to the news, Mark Zuckerberg’s digital stroll to a Connect conference to explain the next era of the company he built probably sounded pretty peachy.

In Plain Prayer: Why Missionary Families Are Showing Love to Haiti Kidnappers

From Christianity Today

Response of Christian Aid Ministries and supporters reveals three Anabaptist distinctives that other Christians should find both familiar and thought provoking.

Traveling With David: Family Connections

From Today, a sister program from ReFrame Ministries

The first mention of David in the Bible comes in the book of Ruth. David’s story was part of God’s much bigger story.

Beyond the Live Stream: Two-Way Communications for the Connected Church

From Church Production

While the pandemic has socially isolated people everywhere, inventive thinking is helping churches and attendees interact over their live streams.

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