Small Sips | November 8

Did you enjoy that extra hour of sleep Sunday morning? ☕️ If you're a parent of toddlers, like this Church Juice producer, that extra hour makes the whole week terrible.

Podcast: Can Instagram Really Build Community?

Instagram is a highly-visual platform, focusing primarily in on video and images. Is it possible to use a tool like Instagram to build community among your church? We talk with Danielle from Churchfluence about Instagram and church community.

How religious is your average 22-year-old? A new golden age of survey data opens a door.

"I’m a quantitative scholar of American religion and politics, so I am used to everyone from religion scholars unused to working with data to anxious parents asking me random questions," says author Ryan Burge. Until about 10 years ago, it was statistically difficult, if not impossible, to answer important religious questions with any degree of accuracy.

Mitch Albom: Losing our religion and replacing it with the church of social media

Earlier this year, a Gallup Poll showed that, for the first time in eight decades, fewer than half of U.S. adults belong to a church, synagogue or mosque. The phrase “losing our religion” has become an American mantra.

From Family Fire: Dating Advice for Young Adults

Looking for some good advice on dating? Consider this wisdom from scripture for navigating a dating relationship without compromising your faith.

30 New Instagram Stories Ideas for Churches

Think of Instagram Stories like your Vlog. Show the behind the scenes of your church and be raw, authentic, silly and unscripted.

This is your chance to humanize your church and show that you are all real people and not all perfect like it may seem.

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