Small Sips | October 25

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Podcast: Can You Build Community Through Text Messaging?

Text messages are an effective way to communicate. Texting is also a great way to create conversation and build community. In this episode, Jeanette and Bryan discuss how to use text messaging to engage with your members and develop deeper relationships with members of your community.

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How to Create a Social Media Strategy in 9 Easy Steps

From Hootsuite

Creating your social media marketing strategy doesn’t need to be painful. Create a strong plan in 9 simple steps. This article from Hootsuite also includes a free template to help you get started.

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Top 10 Church Texting Solutions

From Church Tech Today

There’s no doubt that texting is the most direct way to make contact with people today. Texting, by nature, is also a more intimate form of communication, one reason texting can be extremely effective for churches. Here are ten texting providers that can help your church communicate to its audiences.

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Seeking Salvation in Squid Game

From Think Christian, a sister program from ReFrame Ministries

Although economic disparity is at the heart of the violent Netflix series, the show also recognizes wealth as a false idol.

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Why Texting is the Next Big Thing For Churches

From Christianity Today

What might the trend toward more, better, faster communication via text mean for your pastorate? By understanding what role texting plays in people’s lives and how it affects their relationship to organizations, brands, and consumer products, we can gain insight into how best to engage your congregation with this medium.

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