Small Sips: Promised Land?

☕️ Good morning. As the sun sets on summer, it’s time to hang your grilling tools for the busyness of the regular ministry season.

But here’s to one last summertime weekend. Happy Labo(u)r Day weekend, friends! ☀️

How to Talk to Your Kids About Social Media and Mental Health


The average age for a kid getting their first smartphone is 10.3. Within a year, a child has likely made four or five social media accounts; by the age of 12, 90 percent of kids are already on social media.

Here’s what the science really says about teens and screens—and how to start the conversation with young people of any age.

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Stop trying to work in multiple browser tabs. It's terrible for your focus.


If you're reading this story in a single browser tab, because you only focus on one task at a time, congratulations, you can stop reading now. You likely know everything I'm about to say.

This piece is for the rest of us, those who invariably juggle multiple tabs at once, convinced that we can bounce seamlessly between web pages and digital tasks without losing focus.

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68 Sundays

Reformed Journal

For 68 weeks, I raised my arms to bless a scattered congregation of people who would receive the edited version 48 hours later. For 68 weeks, I sat on my couch on Sunday mornings, wondering if our people would see a more interesting option on the YouTube sidebar and click over halfway through the sermon.

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Prayers for the Start of a New School Year

ReFrame Ministries Prayer Ministry

Using Scripture as a guide, use these prayers for your church’s education programs, the school in your neighborhood, or family members who may be students or teachers.

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What to Expect From Apple’s iPhone 15 Event

The Verge

Apple is holding its next big event in September to take the wraps off the iPhone 15, new Apple Watches, and more. Here, we go over how and when you can watch the event, along with the new product announcements we’re expecting to see from Apple.

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