Small Sips: Who Killed Ben?

☕️ Good morning. I can’t believe it’s already October. As we head into the busy final quarter of 2023, don’t forget to take a step back and appreciate the goodness that today brings. Cheers to your Monday!


Threads Is Struggling to Retain Users — But It Could Still Catch Up to X

The Verge

Instagram’s Threads is forecast to have 23.7 million monthly active users in the US by the end of this year as opposed to X’s 56.1 million, according to Insider Intelligence.

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Re-Shaping and Reforming Through Conflict

The Colossian Forum

While most people see a divisive issue as a problem to overcome, The Colossian Forum sees such conflicts as places of growth.

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Direct Mail Marketing: Advantages and How to Use It


Cutting through the marketing noise can seem impossible sometimes. But businesses (and churches) are rediscovering a fun way to connect with customers—direct mail marketing. Direct mail can create engaging experiences that build trust and grab attention.

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Moses and Monsters

Today, part of the family of programs from ReFrame Ministries

Growing up as part of the royal family in Egypt, Moses (a Hebrew child adopted by the king’s daughter—Exodus 2) would have been taught many myths about the origin of the world. An old Mesopotamian myth, for example, held that Marduk, a warrior god, fought against Tiamat, a monster ruling the chaotic sea. Marduk defeated Tiamat and brought order out of chaos.

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Who Killed Ben? We Think We Solved ‘Only Murders in the Building’s Season 3 Mystery


Mabel, Oliver, and Charles have gotten it wrong! Part of the dark joy of the cozy crime show Only Murders in the Building is playing along with the investigation. As Mabel, Charles, and Oliver sneak around New York City and their lavish Arconia home, viewers are at their side, noting every clue and inconsistency as the threesome interrogates suspects. You can catch the season 3 finale Tuesday on Hulu (U.S.) or Disney+ (Canada).

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