Small Sips: Won't You Be My Neighbor?

☕️ Good morning. Not to add stress to your Monday morning, but this weeks marks just two more months until Christmas. (We’ve got you covered in tomorrow’s podcast episode—subscribe on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.) There’s still lots of autumn left, though, so today we also cover some ways to connect with neighbors as the weather turns colder.


Creating a Brand Kit on Canva


Need a hand taking your brand’s visuals to the next level? Meet the Canva Brand Kit, a handy toolbar that brings all your assets together in one place. That’s right: a dynamic, easy-to-use toolbar with your brand’s logos, fonts, and colors. Get perfect designs with just one click.

10 Ways to Connect with Your Neighbors This Fall

Resonate Global Mission

There are a lot of opportunities to share the love of Christ with our neighbors! But fall is often a busier season for many people—that means we have to be a little more intentional about connecting with our neighbors.

Instagram Took Away a Major Source of Income for Its Creators, and They’re Not Happy about It


A monetization tool on Instagram was 'paused' indefinitely. And let’s just say creators are not happy.

Meet, Greet, and Eat Events: Building Community One Meal at a Time

Christian Reformed Church

Over the past few years, we've had a lot of change and new faces in our congregation. "Meet, Greet, and Eat" events have helped create new connections as we practice the spiritual gift of hospitality.

Proclaiming the Liberation Narrative of God through Church Art

Faith and Leadership

A Chicago church has installed a trio of stained-glass windows to help its members reclaim their past, honor their present and look ahead to their future.

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