Small Sips: Your January roundup of news and resources for church communicators.

☕️ Happy New Year! As we enter 2023, now is a great time to take a step back and look at your church’s communications from a big-picture perspective. Evaluate what went well in 2022 and what you hope to accomplish in 2023. (We discussed this idea on the Church Juice podcast’s season finale episode.) To kick off the new year, here are five great reads.

Top 5 Search Marketing Trends and 3 Must-Haves For 2023

Search Engine Land discusses the most significant search, digital marketing and, consumer trends for 2023—along with the must-haves to help you prepare for the year.

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Future Church: 8 Church Trends to Watch in 2023

Following three years of extraordinary turbulence in the church, Carey Nieuwhof says 2023 appears to be a year that will be about as ‘regular’ as anything church leaders have seen in a few years, while also introducing additional elements of the future church that’s being built as we speak.

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5 Marketing Trends That Might Not Survive in 2023

Few marketing trends last forever. In reality, they come and go at rapid speed — and marketers must adapt. Because marketing is always evolving, your marketing playbook should, too. But if your strategy looks the same as years prior, it's time to do some housekeeping.

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The Bible in One Year Plan (for kids and parents)

Kids Corner’s Bible reading plan is a 52 week guided plan designed especially for children and their parents that can be started at any time! This plan includes a Bible passage and a link to KC’s Bible Stories podcast and discussion guide. Discover God’s big story to save his people. Meet the real people in the Bible and learn how God called them to their roles in his rescue plan. Use the weekly system to read through the Bible together in one year!

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Apple Watch Mistakes John Piper's Exuberant Preaching For Emergency Fall

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