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In today's edition of Small Sips:

  • Twitter > X. 🙄
  • 2 questions the next generation are asking. 🤔
  • The secret life of emojis. 😳

2 Questions the Next Generations Are Asking (and How the Church Can Answer Them)

Lifeway Research

In 1975, nearly 7 in 10 Americans agreed with the statement, “I have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in the church or organized religion.” By 2022, fewer than 14% of American adults said they have a great deal of confidence in the church. In the mind of the culture, the church has lost its relevance and, therefore, its influence.

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Twitter’s rebrand to X is more than the end of an era — it’s yet another headache for marketers


Marketers are facing even more challenges on Twitter, as if they didn’t have enough already.

Nearly nine months after Elon Musk took the helm at the social media platform, the bird app is no more. It’s been rebranded as X. This sudden transformation poses a significant obstacle for marketers who had been relying on the platform as part of their social media strategies.

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Why Most Online Church Marketing Misses The Mark: Overlooking The Spiritually Open

Church Tech Today

Digital campaigns tend to default to targeting active church shoppers ready to visit or join. But most people in any given community are unaware of or not considering at all the idea that a church community could meet spiritual needs. Barna research shows 32% of adults are “Explorers”—aware of spiritual unrest but unsure Christianity is the answer.

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Trusting God

From our partner program, Kids Corner

In Genesis 22:1-13, God tests Abraham in a very hard way to see how well he trusts God. God did not plan on hurting Abraham’s son, Isaac, but he wanted Abraham to understand what trusting God looked like.

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Emoji Meanings: Communicate Without Embarrassing Yourself


Each emoji has a literal meaning (it’s a peach), but many of them also have secondary meanings that evolve over time (it’s also a butt!). We’re using more emoji than ever before, and with good reason: they’re universal, inclusive, and fun. But when adding emoji to your social media posts, you want to make sure you’re using them correctly.

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☕️ Here's what else is brewing.

⚡️ This summer, we've been doing live church website reviews on our YouTube channel. Check out the latest reviews, and watch our last review in this series next Wednesday (August 2) at 11am ET.

⚡️ We wrapped up this season of the Church Juice podcast earlier this week with a great conversation about virtual church. Watch or listen.

⚡️ Google officially made the switch to Google Analytics 4. Here are 20 resources.

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