The Juicys 2013

We’re so excited to announce The Juicys are back for a third year.

If you’re new to Church Juice, or just need a refresh, The Juicys are our annual way of rewarding churches who are doing great communications projects.

We’ll be awarding two $2000 grants, with the likelihood of some smaller $1000 runner-up grants as well, for churches that have great vision for effectively using communications tools to reach their congregations and surrounding communities.

The Juicys aren’t just about money. A common theme we hear over and over again is how communications is an underappreciated part of most churches. With this program, we want to recognize the work your doing and encourage you to keep moving forward.

The application process is pretty simple. Just go to The Juicys website and answer some questions. We want to know what you’ve done and what you want to do in the future. We’ll split the applications into larger congregations and smaller congregations. Then we’ll have a panel of smart communication people look over the applications and pick their favorites.

At Church Juice, we believe in the power of the local church. We also hold education as a high value. We’ll share the stories of the churches that get grants as a way to inspire and guide other congregations who are looking to do similar kinds of projects. We are all in this together.

Don’t be modest. Be excited about the work you’ve done to build God’s Kingdom. We’re looking for any sort of communications project. It could be a revamped website, a complete rebranding, great use of social media, a new overall communications plan, an outreach campaign or something so cool it’s not in this list. If you know of other churches doing cool things, share this with them, too.

If you still have some questions, or want to see some of the past winners, head to The Juicys website. The application deadline is Monday, September 30.

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