The World’s Best Chips and Salsa

As we continue our look at how to welcome guests, I can’t help but think about the church I went to while living in Little Rock, Arkansas, the belt buckle of the Bible belt.

I could eat chips and salsa all day long if my metabolism could keep up. So when The Church at Rock Creek offered a jar of the world’s best salsa and a bag of chips to first time visitors, I had to partake.

I know there is a little bit of gimmick to this approach, but I think it actually shows a very relaxed way of welcoming guests. And it fits the style of the church which is come however you are. Everyone is welcome.

The chips and salsa were just part of an overall message to visitors. There were basically three parts.

  • Welcome, we’re glad you’re here.
  • Don’t put anything in the offering. You’re our guest.
  • Come to the welcome center, we have a gift for you.

Along with the chips and salsa came a packet from the church. There was information about the church history, the vision, ways to connect with ministry programs and many more things. The best part: it was low pressure. A volunteer would hand you a bag with all of the stuff. No filling out forms. They were there to answer any questions, but if you wanted to take the bag and leave, that was fine too.

By the way, the salsa was really good. Not the best in the world, but very good.

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