Top 5 Articles of 2019

As we begin to close the page on 2019, let's take a look at some of the most-read articles from this past year.


15 of the Best Church Websites for 2019

We’ve spent dozens of hours searching the web to find the best church websites in North America. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, and the list is not ranked in any order. Here are the questions we asked while searching church websites:

  • Does the website have a clear target audience?
  • Does the content and imagery of the website communicate clearly to its intended audience?
  • Is the website clear from distractions that take away from reaching the intended audience?

Based on those three questions, we put together a list of 25 of the best church websites in 2019. Here are 15. Want to get the full list and our evaluation of each website? Download our free resource, “The Church Website Guide,” here.

Smtips Web

6 Social Media Tips for Your Church

Social media can be a great tool for your church, if you use it well. The networks you choose to engage and participate on can help you build relationships with a broader audience of people. Social media can also help your church reach a new and different crowd than any other medium. How we utilize social media is important, though. Here are six tips to help you utilize your social media better.

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The Ultimate List of 25 Free Stock Photo Sites for Churches

If you’re looking for free stock photography to use in your church’s graphic design, website, or other collateral, take a look at these websites.

Mothers Day Planning

Mother's Day Planning for Your Church

Research shows Mother’s Day is the third highest church attendance day across the U.S. While Easter and Christmas often monopolize your planning efforts, research from LifeWay suggests you need to be intentional about preparing your Mother’s Day service as well.

Brand Web

Why Your Church Needs a Brand

A brand is more than a name, or logo, or slogan. A brand is a unique identity. It’s how your audience views your organization or company. It’s a story your audience tells themselves about who you are. Everything you do to influence that outside perception is branding.


BONUS: 2019 Design Trends Forecast

Design trend forecasting is tricky because design is both cyclical and ever-evolving. Trends often come back, but when they do, they look a bit different. Take a look at our design trend forecast from the beginning of 2019. How did our forecast stack up?

What was your favorite article in 2019?

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