Top 5 Unmissable Episodes from Last Season on the Church Juice Podcast

The wait is almost over, podcast pals! The new season of Church Juice's podcast starts next Tuesday, September 5.

But before we leap headfirst into the upcoming season, here's your chance to catch up on some of our favorite episodes that dropped earlier this year. From practical advice to thought-provoking interviews, last season was jam-packed with pure electrifying awesomeness for church communications leaders like you.

So, clear your playlist, prepare to press play, and get ready to soak in the succulent goodness of these podcast gems before the fresh season begins!

1. AI and the Church With Kenny Jahng | Ep. 78

Artificial Intelligence tools, like ChatGPT, have taken the world by storm in recent months. With rapid advancements in machine learning and technology, using these tools has become easily accessible and affordable. But how do generative AI tools impact the church? More specifically, how can AI tools be used in church communications? In this episode, Kenny Jahng joins Jeanette and Bryan to discuss the future of AI and the church.

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2. Our Favorite Church Communications Tools (And How You Can Use Them Too!) | Ep. 71

We all know it—church communications can be ... challenging. But with the right tools, it can be a lot easier! In this video, Jeanette and Bryan share some of their favorite church communications tools, and how you can use them, too.

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3. Virtual Church with Corey VanHuizen | Ep. 87

While some churches continue to live stream their services, others have preferred to return to in-person priorities. As one church decided to focus again on their immediate community, they saw an opportunity to dream about how to do church differently in a post-pandemic world. In this episode we talk with Corey VanHuizen who partnered with that forward-thinking church to start Redeemer Online Church.

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4. Reels, TikTok, and Incorporating Video into Your Church’s Social Media Strategy | Ep. 74

Video content continues to grow in consumption and importance on social media. In this episode, Brandi Jones joins Jeanette and Bryan to talk about how your church could utilize short-form video content, like Reels, to reach your audience on social media.

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5. Ministry Silos (And How to Overcome Them) | Ep. 82

Working in ministry is all about people—but even when we're surrounded by people, it's easy to feel alone in the work. The busyness of ministry can lead leaders to feel isolated, lack collaboration, and often misses communication between teams. Even with the best intentions, ministry silos can occur. That's why Brandi and Bryan discuss ministry silos in this episode, as well as how to overcome them.

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