We're Bringing the Church Communications Community Together for a Live Podcast Stream

Every so often, something happens, or a conversation occurs that reminds me why I love this community of church communication leaders.

This Church Juice community is incredibly diverse—we gather from all 50 United States, all 10 Canadian provinces, and people from every populated continent around the globe. Together, we represent hundreds of denominational affiliations in addition to a wide array of church sizes, styles, and methods. Yet we all strive for the same thing:

We’re energizing church communications.

I love the diversity and Kingdom focus of this crowd. But I know it’s not always exciting. There are days when you feel the weight of the tasks, projects, needs, and opinions. I know you can feel lonely.

So we’re working toward building a better church communications community. Here’s one way we're growing this community.

Interrupting Your Programming

If you’ve been following the podcast this season, you know we’ve had some dynamite discussions already. From talking with church communicators to learning about good design and many other topics, it’s been a great season so far—and there are still a ton of exciting discussions ahead!

We’re taking a break from your regularly scheduled programming this coming Monday.

Instead of dropping another pre-recorded episode, we’re doing something entirely different—we’re going LIVE!

On Monday, we’ll take some time to have a live discussion about all things church communications. We’d love to answer some of your questions, too. Do you have something you’d like us to discuss? Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to do something, organize your priorities, or you’re curious about a topic or issue. Send us a voice message and we'll discuss it in Monday's live episode.

We’d love to hear from you. After all, we’re a community of church communicators. So let’s talk about what matters to you.

Why a Live Stream?

Honestly, recording a podcast episode is a lot easier than planning and executing a live streamed podcast episode. Jeanette and I usually create a roadmap for the episode with questions or topics we want to touch on. Then we hit record. The beauty of recording episodes is that we're not worried about messing up—you should see some of our bloopers. When we misspeak, we can correct the error before you watch or listen to the episode. We have an incredible post-production team that makes us look and sound awesome. It's a polished product.

So why live stream the podcast?

I've had a few conversations recently with church and nonprofit ministry leaders, and there's typically an underlying theme. We all desire relationships. We want deeper community. There's comfort in knowing you're not the only one struggling with a difficult church member, or tight deadlines, or unrealistic expectations. There's a desire to know what other churches are trying, how other church communicators organize their priorities or projects.

Streaming an episode of the podcast means we can take some time to be together. Maybe not everyone can watch along live. Not everyone will engage in the live chat. But it's a starting point for genuine conversations. Live streaming next week's episode means you'll get—in raw form—reactions, interactions, and engagement with one another (and from me!).

I'm excited to see who shows up to next week's episode. I hope you'll watch along. In the meantime, send us your thoughts, topics, or questions. If you've got something to add to the discussion, but don't want to send a voice recording, send us an email.

Send us a voice message

How to Join the Podcast Stream

We're going live Monday, October 31 at 3:30pm ET. You can join the podcast conversation on our YouTube channel.

Watch the Live Podcast

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