What's Your Number One Work-Related Concern for 2023?

You're our hero.

It’s true. Whether you’re a volunteer or a paid staff member, the communications lead at a large church or the pastor wearing many hats in a small church—or any other roles that also contain “communications”—we know this role isn’t easy.

You’re our hero because we know your countless efforts to communicate well. We know you’re passionate about your ministry. We know you strive to ensure everyone is informed and that people have the tools they need to go and make disciples. And we also know there are times when you get discouraged when all your efforts seem futile.

That’s why Church Juice exists. We want to do everything we can to support you—our hero—to communicate with excellence. We’re here for you. We’re cheering you on, and we want to see you thrive.

Our singular goal is to serve you well. And a vital part of supporting you is by listening to you. We do this in several ways: we listen in one-on-one meetings, leading workshops, in the Church Juice Insiders group, and in periodic surveys. These avenues allow us to hear what you’re passionate about and wrestling with right now. We listen with a straightforward goal: to energize you and your church’s communications.

So, church communication hero, we want to hear from you today! Please consider taking this two-minute survey. Your response will help us learn more about you and hear your opinions.

We know your time is valuable, so we’re giving away $5 Amazon gift cards to the first 50 respondents.

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