Your Ultimate Calendar of Church Communicator and Leadership Conferences

Updated September 19, 2022

Taking time to invest in your professional development is necessary—and hopefully, your church's leadership agrees. Attending a conference can be a great way to think critically and creatively about a particular area of communication that you're wrestling with right now. Conferences can also be an opportunity to network with other communicators, hear from thought leaders and experts, and find opportunities for growth in your ministry.

While some conferences offer an online option—or are even digital-only events—others are scheduling in-person events again after a pause through the pandemic. Online conferences certainly have value: digital conferences for church communicators often mean the attendee can view sessions on-demand at a time and place that suits their needs. Events offered online also present potentially significant cost savings. However, in-person events certainly have their place, as well. An in-person conference means you've scheduled this time to devote solely (or mostly) to learning and growing—you'll have fewer distractions from work, family, and ministry because you're out of your day-to-day routines. Attending a conference in person also has tangible benefits, like allowing attendees to workshop, brainstorm, network, and meet others in a physical space that is difficult to replicate online.

This article aims to provide a running list of conferences, exhibits, and conventions that we think a church communicator may find valuable for various reasons. If you have a conference or event you think we ought to include, email [email protected].

Pro-tip: if you're contemplating attending a conference (and since you're here, you probably are), first consider your goals: by attending a conference, what do you hope to gain? What outcomes do you expect? By first answering those end-goal questions, you can review the myriad of options available and choose one that fits your unique needs and goals.

Maybe we'll see you at one of these conferences soon!

September 2022

STORY 2022

ONLINE and Nashville, Tennessee | September 22-23 | Details

Gateway Conference

ONLINE and Southlake, Texas | September 26-27 | Details

October 2022

Exponential Regional Conference (Bay Area)

San Jose, California | October 4-5 | Details

Exponential Regional Conference (SoCal)

Long Beach, California | October 6-7 | Details

Worship Innovators Conference

Oak Brook, Illinois | October 10-11 | Details

Exponential Regional Conference (Chicago)

Naperville, Illinois | October 12-13 | Details

North Coast Leadership Conference

Vista, California | October 17-19 | Details

REFUEL Conference

Lynchburg, Virginia | October 17-18 | Details

Adobe MAX - The Creativity Conference

ONLINE and Los Angeles, California | October 18-20 | Details

Amplify Outreach

Wheaton, Illinois | October 18-19 | Details

Church Communicator Conference

Charlotte, North Carolina | October 18-19 | Details

Church Facilities Conference & Expo

Dallas, Texas | October 25-26 | Details

Exponential Regional Conference (Houston)

The Woodlands, Texas | October 26-27 | Details

November 2022

First Impressions Conference

ONLINE and Charlotte, North Carolina | November 2-4 | Details

RightNow Conference

Carrollton, Texas | November 2-4 | Details

SALT Conference

Hendersonville, Tennessee | November 2-4 | Details

Christian Musician Summit

Tacoma, Washington | November 4-5 | Details

December 2022

None listed at this time.

January 2023

Association of Partners in Christian Education (APCE) Annual Event

Birmingham, Alabama | January 25-28 | Details

Disciple Making Summit

Sharpsburg, Georgia | January 27-28 | Details

Calvin Symposium on Worship

Grand Rapids, Michigan | January 31-February 4 | Details

February 2023

Unleash Conference

Orlando, Florida | February 1-2 | Details

C3 Conference 2023

Dallas, Texas | February 15-16 | Details

March 2023

Exponential Conference

Orlando, Florida | March 6-9 | Details

April 2023

Exponential Regional Conference (Nashville)

Murfreesboro, Tennessee | April 24-25 | Details

ARC (Association of Related Churches) Conference

Birmingham, Alabama | April 25-26 | Details

Orange Conference

Atlanta, Georgia | April 26-28 | Details

May 2023

Church Leaders Conference

Dallas, Texas | May 2-4 | Details


ONLINE and Chicago, Illinois | May 2-3 | Details

Exponential Regional Conference (Raleigh)

Raleigh, North Carolina | May 4-5 | Details

Thrive Leadership Conference

Granite Bay, California | May 4-5 | Details

LIFT: Creative Conference

Atlanta, Georgia | May 18-19 | Details

CRCNA Canadian National Gathering

Ottawa, Ontario | May 25-28 | Details