You’ve Got This: A new book for church communicators

Launching today is a brand new book for church communicators. You’ve Got This: A Pep Talk for Church Communicators by Kelley Hartnett is a small book filled with tons of bite-sized reminders and helpful tools.

If you’re a church communicator, in need of a little inspiration, be sure to pick up this book from Amazon. Kelley does a great job of keeping things informative, yet light-hearted, and in small doses. I really loved some of the great nuggets of information, pick-me-ups, and helpful how-to’s that she shares throughout the book. You’ve Got This is a great tool for your church communication arsenal.

When the Center for Church Communication, which published You’ve Got This, reached out to Church Juice and invited me to read the book, I took the opportunity, and I’m glad I did.

Here are three of my favorite quotes from You’ve Got This:

“Convict me if you must, but keep this in mind: With Exclamation Point’s demise, we too are set free” (p 35).

“I’m assuming you know way more about building promotion schedules and sending press releases than your children’s pastor does—just like they know way more about making tambourines out of paper plates and how to talk about Jesus with a third grader. If they disagree with a decision you’re making, gently remind them that you’ve been asked to drive in the communication lane, you’re good at it, and you promise you’re doing everything you can to set up their team for success” (pp 40-41).

“Striving to earn the title creative isn’t the point. The point is to advance God’s kingdom in your community, and the best way to do that is to get stuff done” (p 151).

If you need a little pep-talk, as we often do, I hope you’ll consider picking up a copy of You Got This for yourself. Check it out on Amazon.

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