Hello! Welcome to the Church Communications & Administration Summit.

Slides from the Summit

You can download the slides from today's Church Communications & Administration Summit! This page will be updated throughout the day to give you the latest slides.

Session One - Project Management Fundamentals

Session Two (and Three) - Creating a Communication Strategy

Schedule Rundown

9:00am - Doors open, coffee reception

9:15 - Welcome, Session 1: Project Management Fundamentals

10:25 - Break

10:35 - Masterclass (Part I): Create a Communication Plan

11:20 - Roundtable Discussion

11:45 - Lunch

12:30pm - Masterclass (Part II): Create a Communication Plan

1:40 - Break

1:50 - Helpful Tools, Resources, Services

2:05 - Q&A

2:45 - Closing Prayer

Do you have questions for us to discuss?

Ask a Question!

You can add your question (and view others' questions) throughout the day, and we'll get to them during our Q&A session this afternoon. Or, ya know, just write them down.

Other helpful tools and church communication resources

Start working on your own church communication strategy with our guidebook (free, of course). The guidebook walks you through all the planning and preparation to create your own well-crafted strategy.

Download the Church Communications Strategy Guidebook

Project Management Fundamentals

Stop announcing everything.

My Favorite Tools

Content Creation & Editing

Project Management

Church Management Solutions


Text Messaging Services

Web/Tech Essentials