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However you stumbled upon Church Juice, welcome! Church Juice is a free resource for your church. We’re energizing church communications by providing you with tips, tools, resources, consulting, and training on every aspect of church communications and marketing.

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Who is Church Juice?

At Church Juice, we’re passionate about church communications. Everything communicates something, so why not be intentional about what your church is saying to your community and congregation? Everything we do here at Church Juice is meant to be an educational tool for churches. Whether it's writing case studies, blogging about the latest trends, creating resources based on best practices, or helping you one-on-one, we're here to energize church communications. It's all free, and we're not here to make money.

Free Resources

Church Juice has been providing free church communication resources for churches since 2009. If you’re looking for tools on websites, social media, communication strategy, or a slew of other church communication needs, you can find it on our website. We’ve broken all of our resources into eight categories: communications, technology, websites, branding, leadership, social media, marketing, and Church Juice (for news and updates). In each category, you’ll find blog articles, webinars, podcasts, ebooks, and other downloadable resources.

A Community

Church communications can be an isolating, sometimes misunderstood, job. That’s why Church Juice is more than simply a website of resources. We’re a community of church leaders from across the globe working together to energize church communications. A great way for you to get started in this community is to subscribe to the latest from Church Juice and follow us on social media.