20 of the Best Church Websites in 2020

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Each year we create a list with some of our favorite church websites. After looking across the Internet for hours in search of the best websites, here is one conclusion:

It's now easier—and more cost effective—than ever to have a great looking church website. Despite that fact, the vast majority of church websites are in dire need of attention.

Website design is constantly changing. Technology evolves and design trends change. While this is not an exhaustive list, nor are the websites ranked in any order, we encourage you to use these designs as you look to update your own church website this year.

What you’ll notice:

Large images and video. Every one of these church websites use large images or videos throughout their website. Imagery is important.

Current. Every website on our list is updated. You won’t find outdated events or information.

No rotating announcements. The day of the marquee image rotator is over. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any current website that uses rotating images to share announcements.

Images of real people. Stock photography has its purpose, and you may even notice some stock images throughout a few of these websites. However, using images of real people that are part of your community and congregation is important too.

Clear Purpose. Each website is clear in its purpose. Who is the website trying to reach? Who’s the information targeted at?

Clear Call-To-Actions. Call-to-action buttons helps get your site's visitor to where they want or need to go quicker.

Mobile-Friendly. These websites all look great on desktop; but perhaps more-importantly, they look just as good (sometimes better) on mobile devices, too. More and more website traffic is coming from tablets, cell phones, and other mobile devices.

As you review this list, I hope you use it for inspiration and find encouragement throughout each website. Here are some questions to ask about your own website as you browse this list of best church websites in 2020:

1. Who is the primary audience of our church website? You can only have one primary audience.

2. How easy is it for our primary audience to get the information they need?

3. How well are we communicating through our website? What can we do to improve?

As always, if I can help your church energize its communications, please reach out. I'm here as a resource to you.

Here are 20 of the best church websites in 2020:

U.S. | West

Bethany Community Church | Seattle, WA

Churchome | Kirkland, WA

Flatirons Community Church | Lafayette, CO

Good News Church | Omaha, NE

Oasis Church | Los Angeles, CA

Outward Church | Salem, OR

Reality | San Francisco, CA

The Village Church | Flower Mound, TX

Sovereign Hope Church | Missoula, MT

Timberlake Church | Redmond, WA

U.S. | East

Cornerstone | Atlanta, GA

Ezra Church | Stoughton, WI

Granger Community Church | Granger, IN

Hill City Church | Richmond, VA

North Point Community Church | Alpharetta, GA

Remnant Church | Richmond, VA


Coastal Church | Vancouver, BC

Enjoy Church | Victoria, Aus.

Hope City Church | Edmonton, AB

Trinity Church | Aldgate, Aus.

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