5 Key People You Need to Create a New Church Website

Creating a church website can feel like a daunting task. Many pastors or staff members don’t know where to begin so they gladly hand over the reins to a willing volunteer. A single designer may be more efficient. The end result may not be as good as it could be. With just one person involved, the website will mirror the strengths and vision of the volunteer more than accurately representing the church.

The best church websites are built by a team with a variety of skill sets and perspectives. Here are 5 roles you should consider having on your church web design team.


You need someone on the team to make sure the website accurately portrays your church’s vision and highlights the things that are important to first time guests. Staff members are usually most in tune with this, but other key leaders can also play this role.


There are a lot of church website options. Someone will have to take the lead in figuring out which is the best fit for your church budget and design expertise. This team member should understand some of the technological aspects of a website so they can do the majority of the back end setup. If you can’t find a local volunteer, talk to other churches who have recently updated their website and learn from their decision making process or focus on website platforms or providers who help do the backend setup for you.

Graphic Designer

You don’t need a professional graphic designer to create a good looking church website. You will need someone on your team with a decent eye for design to help with color schemes, page layout and image selection. Their primary job is to make sure the site is visually appealing.


Your text sets the tone of your website. Find a creative writer who is succinct and uses the vernacular of demographic your church is trying to reach. Creating a guide for the voice and tone of your content can help make sure the content is consistent with other productions from the church.


A great church website has to be current. It important to know who will be responsible for updating your site before you start the design process. Having them on the team and being a part of the decision making and design process will help them feel more comfortable in this role and ensure everything is updated correctly.

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