Church Juice is Headed to Inspire and We Hope to See You There!

Yesterday we published a calendar of all the church-related conferences we can find that a communicator or church leader may find valuable. There are tons of events that target a myriad of needs and passions. We're particularly excited about one conference on that list: Inspire 2022 in the Chicagoland area. Inspire is a conference for church leaders, staff, and laypeople in congregations part of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. (In case you're not aware, the media missions agency of the Christian Reformed denomination produces Church Juice.)

At Inspire, Church Juice will lead a pre-conference workshop on Thursday, August 4, specifically designed for communicators and administrators. This one-day event will lead up to the start of Inspire, and we're excited to offer a dedicated space for communication and administration leaders to come and learn, discuss, and meet others. Coming out of the pandemic, we've realized church communicators lack the support and networks that other staff positions typically have available. We've specifically designed this day to provide the space to grow in relationship and skill.

At the Church Communications & Administration workshop, we'll talk about practical ways to improve your church's social media presence, create a communication strategy that works for your context, and lead ministry from a place of serving and supporting. In addition to those topics, we'll also make sure you're aware of the tools and resources within the denomination available to you in your role.

Our goal with this pre-conference workshop is to equip, energize, and engage you in your role. After all, we're here to energize church communications! To learn more about Inspire and register for the conference (and our pre-conference workshop), head to

Oh, and by the way, if you're interested in creating a similar workshop in your area, let us know! Drop us a line— We're serious about creating opportunities to equip, energize, and engage church communicators across North America.

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