Great Resources to Help You Manage Ministry Burnout

We spent some time unpacking burnout and compassion fatigue in the most recent episode of the Church Juice podcast. Burnout in ministry—whether as volunteers, staff, or pastors—can happen. In the episode (and follow-up article), we talk about ways to help you identify current ministry burnout, manage burnout or fatigue well, and prevent burnout from happening. But there are other great resources available to help you address burnout in your ministry and tools to help you healthily address burnout or compassion fatigue.

Healing for Burnout in the Workplace

by Family Fire, another great program from ReFrame Ministries

Is your workplace feeling stressful? Discover healing for burnout by caring for physical or emotional exhaustion and turning your stressors over to God.

Self-Care, or Self-Indulgent?

by Family Fire, another great program from ReFrame Ministries

Are you practicing good self-care? Follow God's call for Sabbath rest in your life while recognizing the difference between self-care and self-indulgence.

Learning to Practice Self-Care

by Family Fire, another great program from ReFrame Ministries

Are you feeling depleted, like you are running on empty? Consider the importance of self-care so you can have the abundant life God desires for you.

Podcast: Perseverance (Abbott Elementary, Eddie Vedder's Earthling)

by Think Christian, another great program from ReFrame Ministries

On the latest TC podcast, Josh, Michelle, and Aarik consider a biblical understanding of perseverance in light of Abbott Elementary and the latest album from Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder.

Series: Finding Strength and Support in Scripture

by Groundwork, another great program from ReFrame Ministries

It's very tempting to think of our physical nature as separate from our spiritual nature. But the reality is, God created us as whole beings. Anything we face mentally, physically, or emotionally also impacts our faith. In this Groundwork series, we'll consider four very painful, often debilitating mental and physical conditions that, sooner or later, we will all deal with inside our church communities and families. Together, we'll seek comforting guidance from Scripture to help all of us cope when we or the people we love face the reality of living with conditions like dementia, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain or illness.

Pastors Share Top Reasons They’ve Considered Quitting Ministry in the Past Year

by Barna Group

The number of pastors who have given serious consideration to quitting full-time ministry has risen dramatically over the past year. Why are pastors so burned out? New data highlight the main reasons two in five pastors have thought about leaving ministry—as well as some reasons pastors have determined to stay.

Initial Research Observations Post COVID at Christian Schools

by the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education

Whereas satisfaction with Christian schools remains generally strong, there seem to be new negative pandemic impacts on various groups typically studied in satisfaction research at Christian schools. Trends among parents, students, and staff seem to be connected with one another and to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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