Resources from Church Juice To Help Your Church Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

We're all in uncharted waters, trudging through this together. And knowing that community is a big part of what we strive to provide at Church Juice, this is an excellent opportunity to support you in community.

In addition to the list of coronavirus-related resources below, we have an open Zoom video call at 2pm ET each Thursday. Thirty minutes of conversation, brainstorming, problem-solving, and prayer. Our goal is to provide community and support in tangible ways that you find most beneficial right now. You're welcome to jump on the call once, or every day, whatever you need. No agenda. No products or services to push. Just support, conversation, and community.

You can join the Zoom call this coming Thursday at 2pm ET.

Covid19 longterm

Making Long-Term Plans

Guidelines for Churches

Sustainability in Worship

Coming Back Together After Coronavirus

Covid19 leadership

Leadership Resources

Where Your Church Should Spend More Time Communicating

To My 2016 Self

Car Keys, Coronavirus, and Church Communications

Covid19 care

Caring for Your Congregation

Communicating Your Care For Mental Health

Creating Community While Physical Distancing

Caring for Your Community & Congregation During COVID-19

Covid19 commsplan

Creating a Communications Plan

Church Communications During a Global Pandemic

Communicating Clearly

Developing an Effective Communication Policy for Important Updates

Communication During a Tragedy

Covid19 livestream

Live Streaming Your Services

Keeing People Engaged Online

Connecting Without Live Streaming

Covid19 social

Social Media Tips

Best Practices for Using Social Media During COVID-19

3 Quick Social Media Tips

What's Your Platform? Finding the Right Social Media

4 Things Churches Need to Stop Posting on Social Media

Covid19 remote

Tools for Remote Working

Adjusting to the New Reality of Social Distancing and Remote Work

Zoom Tips for Newbies

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