Website Welcome Videos

I’ve always been a fan of good welcome videos on church websites. It’s not a must for everyone, but if you have the people with the talent to do it in your congregation, it can add a lot of perspective to a visitor who’s coming to your website. Here are a couple of welcome videos I particularly like from WestGate Church and The Chapel.

Here are some of the reasons I think these videos work:

  • I get to see the church from parking lot to sanctuary. I know which door to use to go into the building. I can see what the inside of the church looks like. It’s not stock photography, but the real thing.
  • I understand the heart of these churches. The scripting gives a clear vision for what each church believes. But the video that goes along with it completes the story. You can tell by the way people are interacting in the video of what each church is going to be like.
  • Basic questions are answered. I know what I can wear. I can see what the experience is going to be like for my kids. The service style is clear to me. These videos answer some of the basic questions a visitor might have even if it’s specifically said by the pastors in each video.
  • I feel welcomed. Both of these videos are inviting in a non-pressure filled, casual way.
  • The videos are short. WestGate’s is a little more than one minute long. The Chapel’s is two minutes in length. The key in doing videos is to keep them short so you retain someone’s attention.
  • There is action in these videos. While there are pastors talking, it’s not the entire content of the video. There is great video of people in action to match. If you’re going to do a video, shoot it when people are in your church on a Sunday. Don’t do it when the building’s empty.

If you’re a smaller church who doesn’t have the ability to do a video, that’s okay. Think about ways you can accomplish the same things with the resources you have. Maybe you use pictures to help tell the story of who you are.

What stands out in these videos to you? Does your church have a welcome video in its website? Do you like it?

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