Advertising Easter

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Bryan Haley

What are the best ways to advertise your Easter services and events?

Nobody is going to argue that one of the most effective means of advertising any event is word of mouth. Easter’s no different. People are more likely to show up to your church on Easter Sunday because someone they know personally invited them to come. In today’s episode, we’re joined by Communications Director Jeannette Yates to talk about some ways your church can build momentum this Easter. The goal: provide ways for your people to invite others to Easter.

Episode Highlights:

Some ideas & ways that have helped build community leading into Easter Sunday (2:51)The most effective way to promote an Easter event (5:01)Targeting your ads (7:13)Some out of the box ideas you could use this Easter (11:00)Jeanette’s best advice for you this Easter (12:00)Listener Question: “What software should we use for print communication?” (14:43)Why personal invitation works (17:21)

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