Collaborate Successfully With Cross-Ministry Communication

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Bryan Haley

It’s time to break out of the ministry and communication silos so you can get back on mission. If you feel stuck, or there’s a lack of clarity, and maybe some confusion, in your church community and its communication, this episode is definitely for you.

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Show Notes

Episode summary

Internal communication is a critical component of any church's ministry strategy. When teams collaborate well, it breaks down the ministry silos that many church leaders feel exist today. Here's how to improve your cross-ministry communication.


0:00 - Intro

2:21 - Why Internal Communications is Important

3:30 - When Internal Communications Becomes an Issue

4:40 - How to Tear Down Ministry Silos

7:40 - The Communications Calendar

12:36 - Clarity of Mission

14:28 - Getting Buy-In

17:45 - How to Succeed

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