Easter Branding

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Bryan Haley

In this episode, we're talking about how to create a brand for Easter that is consistent with your church branding and meets the needs of your audience.

While you work on creating an identity for Easter, think about what kind of message you intend to send with everything you communicate this Easter. We’re joined in this episode by Kyler Nixon, StoryBrand Certified Guide and graphic designer, to help you think about how to make the most of your branding this Easter—your advertising, marketing, identity, and visual design.

Episode Highlights:

What even is StoryBrand, and why does that matter in the church? (01:45)How your church can utilize the principles from StoryBrand to make the most of your messaging this Easter. (02:20)Should your Easter branding (design) be separate from your overall church branding? (04:22)Practical ways to make sure your branding for Easter is consistent (07:11)Listener Question: What kind of content would you put on social media, and how often?” (11:04)

Other Resources & Sources Mentioned in This Episode: