What to Do When Your Attendance Drops on Easter

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Bryan Haley

We’re talking with a pastor of a growing church that sees their attendance drop on Easter. What do they do instead?

We talk a lot about preparing for the “big day,” but what about those churches that don’t see a huge spike in attendance for Easter? If you’re part of a young church, this might be the case. So how do you respond? How can you prepare? Let’s talk about how to celebrate Easter well, despite your attendance.

Episode Highlights

  • Encounter Church sees a dip in attendance on Easter, and other big holidays. Here’s why (2:20)
  • How Encounter Church embraces Easter (3:56)
  • Instead of focusing on Easter Sunday, here’s what Encounter Church focuses on (5:25)
  • One creative way your church can enhance your Easter services, despite of size (8:20)
  • Listener Question: “Our staff is in debate lately about our church’s bulletin. Is it worth the cost to continue designing, printing, and recycling each week? Or should we move to a digital solution?” (11:55)
  • What should success look like for Easter? (14:44)

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