How Your Ministry Can Receive a Free Communications and Marketing Grant

Note: The application period for Church Juice's Communications and Marketing Grant program ended August 31, 2022.

Church communicators are some of the most creative and resourceful people on the planet. Often, as a communication leader, you’re managing multiple projects at a time—which all require immense administrative detail—and you’re creating deliverables that bring to reality someone’s ideas that probably weren’t very descriptive or helpful in the first place. On top of being a details master and an innovative creator, you probably do it all with little to no budget.

At Church Juice and our parent ministry, ReFrame Ministries, we consistently talk with churches, ministries, and organizations from across North America that are in a similar position. Many ministries have great ideas but don’t always have the people, finances, or other resources to pull them off. And, sometimes, churches have been operating at a deficit for so long that it seems impossible to take care of a communications need because everyone’s gotten used to it. Everyone’s tired of talking about the coronavirus pandemic, but the reality is the last few years have brought to the forefront a myriad of needs, wishes, and dreams for churches.

That’s why Church Juice created the Church Communications and Marketing Grant Program.

At Church Juice, we’re all about energizing church communications. One incredibly tangible way to energize a church’s communications is by providing the finances to fund specific projects in churches across Canada and the United States. Churches and ministries can apply for a limited grant (up to U.S. $8,000) to invest in their big idea or need. But we also realize that money is just one part of any ministry’s need to move forward. On top of money, our grant recipients participate in a cohort-like experience, where all grant recipients gather (virtually) to discuss their program and collaborate, providing more than just ideas but a genuine community of people from all across the continent.

Any church or ministry in Canada or the U.S. can apply for a communications-related grant from Church Juice. To make it a bit easier and to provide clarity, we’ve divided the grant program into five categories. A church can apply for as many types of grants as they think fit their need.


A Community grant supports a church’s fresh idea or innovative approach to connecting with their community. This could be through ongoing communication, a community outreach program, or other initiatives.


Strategy grants are here to help you fully implement a creative way to strategize your church’s communications. This could be the need for an overhaul of your church’s communication plan or a new approach and process to an element of ministry.


Digital ministry is here to stay, and many churches need help catching up. A Digital grant allows your church to think outside the box about your approach to ministry on the digital frontier.

Church Planting

When you’re planting a church, a lot of communication needs to occur. If you’re part of a church plant, then pitch an idea. Dream big about how a communications and marketing grant can help in your church planting context.


Technology grants help your church assess what’s needed for the future of ministry. The grant recipients of this category will look at more than just hardware and software needs but will answer the question: how can your church use technology in a fresh way to reach people?

We’re excited to partner with churches and ministries and encourage you to consider how you might use a grant to further your organization’s mission. Do you know how your church might utilize a church communication and marketing grant? Create a compelling pitch and apply for the program!

As a donor-supported ministry, we’re thrilled to offer this grant program for the second year in a row. This year, we’re providing a total of $50,000 in grant money to churches and ministries. That means grants are limited, so a compelling application could make all the difference for your ministry! To help you create a quality proposal, our friend Tyler Harden with Firm Foundations Marketing is offering to help your ministry craft a grant proposal for free! You can schedule a call with Tyler on his website.

Just like Church Juice, the Church Communications and Marketing Grant Program is here to energize church communications. Realizing your time, finances, and creative resources are all limited, our goal is to help you take your ministry’s communications to the next level—whatever that looks like for you. You’re doing the work. We’re here to help. Apply for your church’s grant before August 31, and stay tuned to see how churches across Canada and the United States utilize this free money to further the gospel in their communities!

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